15th of December 2016 EGF2 Release

We are happy to announce that the first publicly available open source version of EGF2 will be released on 15th of December this year!

Version 0.1.0 will include all features, services and endpoints listed in documentation. The list is long and I feel there is no point in repeating documentation here. I would like to list a bunch of things that were accomplished lately and are pretty cool in our opinion:

  • Support for Cassandra as a data store
  • Support for Apache Kafka as a system event bus
  • client-data service that allows framework to isolate data storage layer from services
  • scheduler service that allows services to schedule events easily
  • sync service changes allowing clients to add indexes via configuration file
  • And the last but not the least, iOS and Android client libraries with data caching, model generation and other cool features!

We are pretty excited and hope to be able to deliver on time!

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