EGF2 Guide

Over the next few weeks I am going to publish a series of posts related to creation of a close to real world system using EGF2 framework. In the posts I will outline what was done exactly in order to create and deploy the system. Content of the posts will then be reused as a Guide section of EGF2 documentation.

We will build a system pretty similar in functionality to instagram. The following features will be implemented:

  • User registration, email verification, login and password reset.
  • Every user will be able to upload an image with a text, we will call it a post. Creator of the post will be able to edit and delete it.
  • Registered users will be able to comment on other users' posts. Comment creator will be able to edit and remove her/his comment.
  • It will be possible for any user to see other users' collection of posts.
  • Registered users will be able to follow other users
  • User will be able to see a timeline - a collection of posts created by users that this user follows, arranged by time of creation.
  • Any user will be able to search for other users and posts using free text query
  • Registered user will be able to mark a post as offensive
  • Admin users will be able to see a list of posts marked as offensive and delete such posts

While pretty compact, this system will allow us to work with the following aspects of the EGF2:

  • User authentication
  • Different user roles
  • File operations
  • Email notifications
  • Business logic rules
  • Domain modelling

We will start with domain modelling, proceed with EGF2 deployment and necessary back-end changes and will create a web app that will work with the system. A bit later we will also create iOS and Android clients for it.

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