EGF2 Release V0.1.0

It is with great pleasure I want to let you know that we've got EGF2 framework V0.1.0 released!

We've managed to include in this release pretty much everything that we planned, except for the job service. Really high level list:

  • auth, client-api, client-data, sync, pusher, logic, file and scheduler services
  • documentation for back-end and client libs
  • back-end, client apps in iOS and Android, documentation for Guide system
  • load testing for the single instance deployment

Coming in V0.2.0:

  • job service
  • web app library
  • WebSockets and push support both for back-end and clients libs
  • SMS transport support for pusher service
  • Mobile client apps versioning support (update reminders, forced updates etc)
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google login / registration for back-end and client libs

The list is preliminary, we may include more features. I will do a separate post on release date for V0.2.0 a bit later.

I would like to say THANKS! to the contributors:

  • Alex Demidov for excellent back-end contributions and quality control
  • Pavel Sviridov for his valuable back-end contributions
  • Rodion Stolyarov and Denis Ryabokon for important back-end development
  • Nikita Gukov and Alex Kuvakin for back-end work
  • Sergey Komarov for the website and documentation works, stress and load testing
  • Roman Luzanov for iOS client library
  • Alex Derendyaev for Android library
  • Aysel Seidova for documentation works
  • the last but not the least Vladimir Ustinov for sys ops, deployment and other valuable contributions

Guys, you did great, let's keep up the good work for the next release!

-36 degrees Celsius outside (-32 degrees Fahrenheit), business as usual :-)

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